The Super Academies.
MATURE RPG (18+ themes)
If you have major issues with death, sex, violence, drugs and generally any mature themes this is not the rpg for you.

Welcome to Marvel Academy, where the finest supers and mutants come together to teach you all you're going to need to know to survive in this world.

But bad things are stirring with an alliance being formed between Magneto, Loki and Doom. Can our favourite heroes and their proteges conquer anything thrown their way or will they crumble at the hands of evil?

Now accepting OCs!
Angel - 3/12/2013

Please unfollow Victor Von Doom

Reason: Account is now being moved over to another group! 

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Secret Santa!

For the draw we’ll need your e-mails for the generator to send out everyone’s match in secret! So if you can submit your email to the group, we would greatly appreciate it!

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awwarrows: I meant to ask last week before exams started if I could go on a hiatus? I'll probably be back on the 15th.

Sure thing, Hawkguy! Good luck with your exams!

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Secret Santa Update/Reminder

This is the list of all the people who signed up for the Secret Santa!

If you’re not in the list and want to take part, you can like this post and we’ll do the matching and give you your Secret Santa in the next couple of days!

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Anonymous: Hey this is billy/qq. My computer has completely freaked out, so I will not be present on the Skype chats and /possibly/ not on the dash for the next couple of days, just a heads up! Sorry for the trouble

Don’t worry about it! Hopefully your laptop will get fixed soon! Thanks for the heads up!

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Please follow Thor

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Secret Santa List

The list will be updated if more of you want to take part! 

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Marvel Academy Secret Santa!

Secret Santa is back!

After organising it last year, it would be amazing to see it being brought back for this festive season!

All you have to do is comment or like this post on your characters accounts that you wish to participate and we’ll write down a list with all the people participating.

You can apply until Monday, the 2nd of December! We’ll post reminders for you every now and then.

Just some ideas about what you can offer to your Secret Santa:

And anything else you can come up with!

Looking forward hearing from you!

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metaphoricalhawk-deactivated201: Sorry I haven't been active - tumblr mobile is killing me. Can I reserve Sexy Teen Loki until I get my laptop back to write an application? Thanks :3

Sure thing! Reserved Teen Loki for you until and hopefully your laptop will be back with us soon!

Academy playlist vl 2 

So we’re going to be what we did last time! Everyone pick a song and we’ll compose a downloadable playlist~

Just send in a song to the group with the artist name and title. 

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Please follow Betty Ross

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Application for - Elizabeth “Betty” Ross : Accepted!

OOC Info
Name / Nickname: Jen
Age: 31
Timezone: EST (GMT -5)
Password: [Correct]
Activity level: 5-7
Skype: [Hidden for privacy]

IC Info
Name: Elizabeth “Betty” Ross
Codename: She-Hulk
Faction:  (Neutral? D:)
Age: 31
Faceclaim: Liv Tyler
Preferred ships: Betty/Bruce Banner, Betty/Chemistry
Are you a teacher or pupil: Teacher - Communications, Intro to Chemistry

Read More

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Please unfollow Magneto

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Angel is now reserved

by shieldswolverine - date: 12/11/2013
Reservation until: 3/12/2013

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Today is Meme Monday so feel free to reblog as many magic anons or ask meme’s as you’d like : D Or even create your own~ 

Make sure you tag them as Meme monday

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