The Super Academies.
MATURE RPG (18+ themes)
If you have major issues with death, sex, violence, drugs and generally any mature themes this is not the rpg for you.

Welcome to Marvel Academy, where the finest supers and mutants come together to teach you all you're going to need to know to survive in this world.

But bad things are stirring with an alliance being formed between Magneto, Loki and Doom. Can our favourite heroes and their proteges conquer anything thrown their way or will they crumble at the hands of evil?

Now accepting OCs!
Angel - 3/12/2013

Young Avengers! 

The Marvel Academy is looking for YOU to join us! 

The Marvel Academy is a school based RPG that involves a range of Marvel characters and also welcomes original characters. We hold competitions and events on a regular basis and welcome both comic verse and movie verse. 

Roles in particular we’re looking for are: 

Or if you’re interested in joining as any other Marvel character, come check out the group! 


To join - click here

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